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7104 Avon Red Walnut 7167 British Columbian Maple
7311 Hacienda Grey Oak 7619 Donegal Snow Oak
7630 London Walnut
7197 Cumbria Beech
7338-1 Devon Cherry
7051 Welsh Golden Teak
7608 Manchester Mahogany
7664 Scottish Antique Harvest Oak
7231 Irish Comfort Oak
7232 English Grained Oak
7940 Nottingham Black Walnut
7939 Birmingham Walnut
1301 Coventry Maple
7602 Liverpool Limed Oak
1631 Burma Teak
Product Specifications
Product Name               : Laminate Flooring -AC4
Brand Name                 : BSW FLOORS British Style Woods
Product Description       :
Unique Structural Performed shape effects strong, tight, glue less assembly with mechanical interlocking tongue and groove. Allows immediate use upon installation. An abrasion resistant, decorative plastic surface is directly applied to a high density substrate of wood fibers and water resistant adhesive (HDF Core )
Typical uses may include, but are not limited to, residential and heavy commercial flooring applications.
Features                     :
Very simple design that is easy to install with different abrasion resistances depending on application. Also available 3 strips, 2 strips and one plank. Strong click joints, high quality. Scratch resistant aluminum oxide textured finish. Anti-static and anti-slip. Quick click Plus: Easy, no-glue locking system.
Specifications             :
Materials - Laminate flooring consists of a water resistant substrate of 8.3mm thick laminated surface and balanced backing with melamine impregnated surfaces and produces to provide a taber test value of 10,500 for residential installations and light commercial installations.
Size                          : 1215mm(Length) X 193mm(Width) x 8.3mm (Thickness)
Area Per Box             : 1.876 square meter per box
Warranty                   : 25 years
Please contact sales staff for any further question/ support